I am sure most of you know about Wiki Leaks. It's a non-profit private organization which escapes classified documents from several sources. On 28 November 2010, they began to publish classified records of detailed correspondence between the U.S State Department and its diplomatic counterparts around the world in five big newspapers. Click this link https://www.riskmate.uk/ to discover more details about project risk management.

Project Risk Management - Tips to Steer Clear of Risk of Anonymous Sources Including WikiLeaks

If we consider the Leaks from a Project Management perspective, you might wonder how WikiLeaks compiled tons of inner information from Government agencies and corporations regardless of tools and technologies being used by these agencies and corporations.

Another intriguing issue is that way in which they've organized themselves to have secret discussions with organizations around the world to be able to secure the secret documents. How can we minimize such dangers? I feel that the next three tips can help organizations to eliminate or minimize the effect of such risks.

Identify and access risks on a continuous basis: In theory, risk assessment is a continuous activity from project beginning till nearer.

In a new Project Management survey, the direction researchers from KPMG Risk Advisory team have posted the question "Do project managers always apply a risk management methodology during the lifecycle of this project?" to executives.

I'm sure it's not possible to identify all risks upfront. However, accessing risks on a continuous basis would definitely assist project managers to decrease the frequency and intensity of negative dangers. 

Employ the best risk management plan: Risk management is a processor group within an organization that requires action to receive maximum benefits from all favorable dangers and to reduce negative risk.