Folding Arm Awnings are among the most popular style of awnings across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. They're favored by many as they shade windows and patios without frames, beam, and posts; leaving the region below the awning totally free of obstacles. They are fantastic for outdoor entertainment areas like patios, decks courtyards, etc.

One brand expert in manufacturing outdoors awnings, Markilux, has recently released a revolutionary creation of this type named Markilux 5100. It is a brand new, slim and robust kind of Folding Arm Awning that provides your exterior designs a bit of sophistication and elegance while shielding you and your loved ones against harsh sun rays.

Markilux Folding Arm Awning - A Unique Outdoor Awning

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The Markilux 5010 is a tasteful cassette folding arm awning appropriate to an array of software. It's very powerful and opens up to seven meters with an extension of four meters, making cozy shade for an expansive place.

The strong arms ensure a tight cover and the varying lengths of the arms make this folding arm awning exceptionally sturdy. With its components made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, it's an exceptionally hard-wearing and long-lasting awning, a characteristic typical of Markilux German cutting-edge technology; exceptional innovation and durable.

Finished with end caps in polished chrome combined with a selection of classic colors such as anthracite metallic, stone-grey metallic and cream white matt, these attributes also draw the elite Markilux technology which makes this awning self-cleaning.