If you're searching for the best brands of Egyptian cotton sheets, then you should have some disposable income on your hands to spend. A good indicator of quality with these high end sheets is the price. Real Egyptian cotton sheets that are made of the high quality cotton that you would expect run into the hundreds of dollars per set; some of these can be even as high as $1,000. 

It's not surprising, since extremely little of the quality cotton produced in Egypt ever leaves its borders. Some estimate that as little as 5% or less of Egypt's high end cotton ever leaves the country. This justifies the high price in the mind of many and unfortunately, has created a market for dishonestly labeled and priced products.

You've seen it in your local big box stores; rows of sheets claiming to be “Egyptian cotton” for $49.95 at ridiculously high thread counts. These products couldn't be further from the luxury goods that you're looking for. If you're looking for luxury sheets, you're going to have to go to specialty big box stores, such as Macy's. Your local Wal-Mart or Target just isn't going to cut it. More info on this can be found at luxuryofthepharaohs.com.

Start looking around for these brands: Matouk, Malouf, Sferra. These are the 3 most well known Egyptian cotton sheet brands in the United States right now. They're not cheap, though; check your bank balance!