Information on credit cards is available everywhere so you will have to look for it from the right sources and the right channels. This is because there are two types of information sources available that provide information about credit cards.

Those that deal in credit cards, which means, they have their own interests behind sharing any information about credit cards that they deal in and such information is usually promotional in nature. Then there are information sources from unaffiliated channels who provide unbiased resources for those considering going for credit cards so that they can decide whether it would be a good idea at all to proceed via such a channel.

Obviously, the latter would be doing justice to your needs for research as you will be furnished with information that will help you decide which way to proceed. You might also want to search online for top card offers 2018 which will help you get details on credit cards that would carry minimum fees and charges.

The less you pay towards interest charges, the more favourable the credit card is going to be for you. Even interest free credit is hardly a good thing to use for luxury purposes which is why credit cards should only be used in emergencies.